Shan Jiang (江山)

Postdoctoral Fellow
Advisor: Prof. Jiannong Cao
Department of Computing
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
PQ504, Mong Man Wai Building

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Academic Positions


Publications and Manuscripts

  1. Shan Jiang, Jiannong Cao, Hanqing Wu, "Dynamic Ring Signature: Achieving Provable Anonymity in Blockchain-based E-voting", manuscript under Major Revision in ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology.
  2. Hanqing Wu, Shan Jiang*, Jiannong Cao, "High-efficiency Blockchain-based Supply Chain Traceability", manuscript under Major Revision in IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems.
  3. Shan Jiang, Jiannong Cao, Juncen Zhu, Yinfeng Cao, "PolyChain: a Generic Blockchain as a Service Platform", to appear in BlockSys 2021 (Oral Presentation and Best Paper Award).
  4. Shan Jiang, Jiannong Cao, Hanqing Wu, Yanni Yang, "Fairness-based Packing of Industrial IoT Data in Permissioned Blockchains", IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 2020.
  5. Shan Jiang, Junbin Liang, Jiannong Cao, Jia Wang, Jinlin Chen, Zhixuan Liang, "Decentralized Algorithm for Repeating Pattern Formation by Multiple Robots", IEEE ICPADS 2019 (Oral Presentation).
  6. Shan Jiang, Jiannong Cao, Julie A. McCann, Yanni Yang, Yang Liu, Xiaoqing Wang, Yuming Deng, "Privacy-preserving and Efficient Multi-keyword Search Over Encrypted Data on Blockchain", IEEE Blockchain 2019 (Oral Presentation).
  7. Shan Jiang, Jiannong Cao, Hanqing Wu, Yanni Yang, Mingyu Ma, Jianfei He, "BlocHIE: a BLOCkchain-based platform for Healthcare Information Exchange", IEEE SMARTCOMP 2018 (Citations: 151).
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  16. Xiulong Liu, Jiannong Cao, Yanni Yang, Shan Jiang, "CPS-Based Smart Warehouse for Industry 4.0: A Survey of the Underlying Technologies", MDPI Computers, 2018.
  17. Jia Wang, Jiannong Cao, Shan Jiang, "Fault-Tolerant Pattern Formation by Multiple Robots: A Learning Approach", IEEE SRDS 2017 (PhD Forum).


  1. 江山,曹建农,林钦亮,"数据存储方法、装置、计算机设备及可读存储介质",编号CN111224793A(华为技术有限公司),2020年6月公布(已授权)
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