Dr. Man Ho Allen Au is an associate professor at the Department of Computing, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His research interests include information security, applied cryptography, accountable anonymity and blockchain. Before joining PolyU in July 2014, he was a lecturer with the School of Computer Science and Software Engineering, University of Wollongong, Australia.

Dr. Au's research activities have been generously supported by the Innovation Technology Fund, the Research Grant Council of Hong Kong, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, local and foreign companies. His papers appeared at major conferences, including CRYPTO, ACM CCS, NDSS and ACM SIGMOD. Currently, he is serving as a committee member of the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27 working group 2 - Cryptography and security mechanisms. He is also a committee member of the Hong Kong Blockchain Society R&D division.


Additional Information

My name in Chinese is .

My parents also gave me the English name Allen when I was young. Please feel free to call me Allen!

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Office: PQ 834, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Email: csallen [at] comp.polyu.edu.hk

Phone: +852 2766-7255

I am looking for self-motivated PhD students. Please send me an email if you are interested!